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.>Highly reDommend canadianprotein.com as your go-to protein and supplement source! I've had the Banana Cream Pie and Chocolate, both taste unreal, and you can't beat the shipping times. Equivalent to the ON Gold Standard, but cheaper and I love the Grass-Fed New Zealand more than a Whey Protein blend.. Average rating: 5/5 - Number of reviews: 200 New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein and the New Zealand Dairy Industry is perhaps the most advanced dairy producer on the globe which is consequently reflected in the products the industry produces. Shipping was fast ordered Sunday night got it Wednesday morning. I got vanilla, chocolate and strawberries flavours and the way it mixes in smoothies, with yoghurt, milk etc is excellent. Received the products quickly Great protein, probably the best tasting protein with the vanilla flavour. “Makes great smoothies. Simply Delicious! I'm not saying avoid the peanut butter, but on my next purchase on this site I wouldn't go back to the peanut butter.

No, not certified. But the cattle by New Zealand law are not exposed to hormones, antibiotics, or any other foreign substances. They are also graze feed, so it's as close to organic as you can get. How Ergogenics Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate is better than North American Whey? It's healthier than North American Whey because: The cattle is never subjected to chemicals, Hormones, Antibiotics, GMO's, or Hyper-Immunizations. They're graze feed not factory farmed, and are not exposed to the stress most American cattle endure, which cause the cattle to release harmful stress hormones. Is Ergogenics Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate good for lactose intolerant people? Yes, only the "Isolate" formula is because it contains no sugar (lactose). Are the Enzymes found in Ergogenics Nutrition New Zealand Whey Isolate Vegetable based? Yes they are vegetable based. Perfect for lacto-vegetarians.

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Taste is good, just to sweet. It mixes easier than any other, and even without any sweetener it tastes alight with no bitter after-taste or anything like that, just a neutral flavour. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should speak to their doctor before using grass-fed New Zealand whey protein concentrate supplements. The only complaint I have is that they need to make a bigger size!! Slump on 05/11/2015 Great product, great price compared to expensive brand like GNP. To dissolve it in milk you will need a protein shaker or blender. So far you have a great product at a very reasonable price. I thought all whey was more or less the same taste until this I tried New Zealand protein and was blown away by the great taste.

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